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Student Twitter Accounts

Page history last edited by Kate 14 years, 3 months ago

Alex Young - http://twitter.com/theliferider

Alison K. - http://twitter.com/SuperAllyK

Amy Herreid - http://twitter.com/Amy737

Anika Forsyth-Smith - http://twitter.com/anikabelle

Ashley Cordell - http://twitter.com/ashleycordell

Laura Mann - http://twitter.com/lauralately

Ryan Boling

Tiffany Cheong - http://twitter.com/tcheong27

Joe Denton - http://twitter.com/josephndenton

Keith Demele - http://twitter.com/KeithDemele

Neil Garcia - Neil_Garcia  http://twitter.com/neil_garcia

Katie Haag -- http://twitter.com/katiehaag

Caitlin Kalchthaler - http://twitter.com/caitxsith

Brian Rusnak -- http://twitter.com/BrianR210

William Lanier - http://twitter.com/williamlanier     

Aisha Noor - http://twitter.com/aishes

John Langdon, Jr. - http://twitter.com/johnlangdon

Fernando Labastida http://twitter.com/NandoXavierIV

Tommy Truong - http://twitter.com/keitaru61

Joe Posada - http://twitter.com/jp_214

Benjamin Maxwell - http://twitter.com/benwmax

Bobby Karalla - http://twitter.com/bobbykaralla

Daisy Pena

David Petty

Taylor Freytag - http://twitter.com/tnfreytag

Sara Haile - http://twitter.com/Fresh86er & http://twitter.com/theoddnumbers

Laura-Jane Cunningham - http://twitter.com/caeliumspecto

Mary Lu Spreier- http://twitter.com/MLu26

Kate Aronson - http://twitter.com/karonson414


Zeena Alkurdi - http://twitter.com/ZeenaKurdi

Shayne Hart - http://twitter.com/shaynehart

Meagan Buchanan

Gessury Pineda - http://twitter.com/marianbonita

Chuck Chuskul - http://twitter.com/Chuckarin

James Threadgill - http://twitter.com/mynameisjimi

Melissa Woodring- http://twitter.com/misslissa91

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John Langdon, Jr. said

at 6:02 pm on Aug 30, 2009

John Langdon, Jr. - johnlangdon

Alex Young said

at 12:54 pm on Sep 4, 2009

started and gave up, someone else alphabetize haha. sorry for the update Katie.

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