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A Public Can Talk to Itself: Why the Future of News is Actually Pretty Clear

The Debate Over Online News: It's the Consumer, Stupid

Accountability Journalism and New Media Models



Traditional Media in Transition



Analyze the graphic below, which explains the basics of news writing. It's a variation on what's called the "inverted pyramid," which is used to illustrate how important details come before less important details. Then, using the "inverted pyramid" writing structure, turn a scene from a movie into a news article between 300-500 words.


Interesting Links and Articles 




Interesting questions to ponder:

  • How has the decline of newspapers affected journalism?
  • How has citizen journalism changed the news structure?
  • What needs to change about journalism for it to adapt to a more electronic form? - What are existing journalistic channels doing to adapt to the transformation of journalism?
  • In what ways has journalism been a watchdog to politics and high society?


Group Members:

Brian Rusnak

Zeena Alkurdi

Laura Mann

Laura-Jane Cunningham

Anika Forsyth-Smith

Alison K

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