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Interesting People on Twitter

Page history last edited by Brian Rusnak 14 years, 4 months ago

@DameElizabeth -- Movie Star Elizabeth Tayor, "Big girls need big diamonds."

@pennjillette -- The talking half of the magic duo Penn&Teller

@MrTeller -- The mute half of the magic duo Penn&Teller

@cnnbrk -- Breaking news on CNN, enough current knowledge to hold an educated conversation:)

@johncmayer -- Poster child for narcissism, but still interesting and witty.  Dedicated twitter(er?).

@anjelahjohnson - great comedian, does the "Bon Qui Qui" skit...YouTube search it

@StacyLondonSays - host of TLC's "What Not to Wear"

@diablocody - screenwriter.  she wrote Juno.  she was also a stripper (hence her name)

@chelsealately - actress/comedian host of Chelsea Lately on E!

@diamondkt - awesome blogger guy.  always witty and sometimes inspirational.

@warholreject - works @ the Dallas Observer, always in the know, sends the Dallas Observer cover before it comes out

@sprinklescupcks - enough said.  they'll send you secret code words for free cupcakes

@DallasSocials - pretty much anything and everything going on in Dallas.  beware - lots of tweets

@SuzeOrmanShow - very good with money.  always tweeting back.

@theIHC - preparing for 2012 (http://www.instituteforhumancontinuity.org/) SCARY!

@colerise - amazing up&coming photographer, internet designer

@hobdallas - updates frequently about events and ticket deals at House of Blues in Dallas(been known to give away tons of free tickets as well)

@StudentOrgForumThe Student Organization Forum for The University of Texas at Dallas

@Stephenathome - Supposedly stephen colbert i think its an intern or something but he has hilarious posts


People we have studied in class: 

@hrheingold - Social Media Professor in the sunshine state, had a great TED talk a while back. Thought provoking. Good vblogs.

@ajkeen - New Media Troll

@zittrain - Interweb dude, professor of law.



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Brian Rusnak said

at 5:28 pm on Aug 31, 2009

@TheOnion Tweets from the Onion News Network, great and funny if you like that sort of thing

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