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Final Assignment

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Your final project is to rework/rehash/remix some of the content and issues we have discussed in this class into a more polished format. The idea is to take one issue we have discussed in class and do a project which highlights one of the crucial issues surrounding emerging media. 
Two options:
-Do a traditional academic paper 4-5 pages in length (1250-1300 words). This paper could discuss one of the issues we raised in class, you could even draw from/expand one of your blog posts. You want your paper to be specific and narrow, not general. That is internet and privacy is too general, Facebook is too general, even Facebook and privacy is too general. Facebook and Privacy settings is specific enough. Other examples:
  • Twitter and New Journalism
  • Wikipedia and Controversial Edits.
  • YouTube and Collaborative Video Production
-You can do a creative project. If you chose this route you can work in a group as well. Example of this type of project:
  • Short video, walk around asking fellow students what they think of Facebook and Privacy. Cut the video together in an interesting way, mix it with your own text to make a mini-documentary (3-5minutes).
Proposal for what you want to do is due next Tuesday, November 24th. You can just email these to me, or bring it to class.
The final project is due Dec. 9th at noon. If you are writing a paper see the written guidelines below. If you are doing a creative project make sure we discuss the best format for me to see your project.

Please double space your paper and use MLA format—other than that format is up to your discretion; I recommend 12pt font and Times, but you can change as you see fit, but remember the word count.  Please proofread, and spell check, while I do not expect perfect publishable pieces I do expect you to take time to make sure your paper does not have errors. You can email me a copy provided it is as a .pdf, .rtf, or .odt, otherwise you should print it out and bring it to my office. 

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