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Co-Teaching Sign Ups

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Sign up for the object you want to be responsible for co-teaching. Four or five students per topic. If you don't see the topic you want feel free to propose another:


(group page)

1. Keith Demele

2. Aisha Noor

3. Bobby Karalla

4. Joe Denton

5. William Lanier



1. Kate Aronson

2. James Threadgill

3. Tiffany Cheong

4. Ryan Boling

5. Taylor Freytag



1. Melissa Woodring

2. Shayne Hart

3. Amy Herreid

4. Fernando Labastida

5. Daisy Pena


(group page)

1. Ashley Cordell

2. Sara Haile

3. Chuck Chuskul

4. Mary Lu Spreier

5. Alex Young



1. Katie Haag

2. Tommy Truong

3. Meagan Buchanan

4. Joe Posada

5. David Petty



1. Brian Rusnak

2.  Anika Forsyth-Smith

3. Zeena Alkurdi

4. Laura Mann

5. Laura-Jane Cunningham


Mobile (link to our page)

1. Neil Garcia

2. Caitlin Kalchthaler

3. Gessury Pineda

4. John Langdon

5. Benjamin Maxwell

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