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Class Requirements

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Given this class’s focus on collaborative learning, it might seem somewhat awkward to evaluate people with individual grades. Nevertheless, you will receive a grade for the course. Some of the grade will be based on work you individually produce, while some of it will be an evaluation of collaborative effort.


Attendance & Participation (20%): This is a crucial part of class. Students are expected to come to class on time, prepared, having completed the assigned reading and writing, and ready to contribute their thoughts to class discussions, to listen seriously and respectfully to the thoughts of others, and to participate in all in-class activities.  I strongly urge you to attend every class, as most of the work done in class is necessary for successful completion of the course.  Only three absences are permitted, and these should be used for illness or emergencies (i.e., this does not mean three absences plus absences for illness etc.).  Missing more than three classes will affect your grade.  More than five absences can result in failing the course.  If you need to miss class for religious reasons, please speak to me ahead of time.  Absences for religious purposes do not count against the permitted number (as long as prior notification is given).  Lateness is also unacceptable; if you arrive late to class you will be marked as absent. Leaving early also counts as an absence. Your primary responsibility is to be in class and fully present. (Expect to spend 3 hours a week in class and roughly 2-3 hours a week doing reading for the class.)


Individual Blogs(25%): Each student will be required to develop his/her own online “presence,” the center of which will be a blog. This will serve as a place for weekly thoughts and writings about the material covered in class, about emerging media, and about our learning group in general. At times I will give you specific writing assignments; at others your assignment will be more open. (Expect to spend 1 hour each week on this.)


Social Media (15%): In addition to the individual blogs, we will be using more “collaborative” or social media tools, including but not limited to Twitter, social bookmarking, and wikis. (This is really hard to define in terms of time commitment.)


Collaborative Teaching (20%): Students will be divided into groups and be responsible for developing and focusing our inquiry during weeks nine through sixteen. You will not be lecturing for two days, but instead providing the basis for class. Each group will be responsible for one week and will meet with me prior to the assigned class to focus your effort. More on this after the first week of class. (Expect to spend 8-10 hours over the course of the semester on this.) 


Final Project (20%): Each student will be responsible for producing a final project that reflects upon, builds upon, and engages one of the issues surrounding emerging media which we have covered in class. These can take a variety of forms, and does not need to be a traditional “academic paper” (videos, podcasts, websites are all acceptable). You will be allowed to work in groups or individually on these (but you will have to supply a rationale as to why you chose to work the way you did). More on this after the midpoint of class. (Expect to spend 10 hours over the final weeks of class on this.)


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